Our wall-mounted heat pumps

Panasonic and Lennox are the companies we trust for your wall heat pumps.

Get more comfort at lower cost with heat pumps Panasonic. The precise temperature setting and the powerful capacity of the heat pumps work according to the level of activity in the room, thus ensuring comfort in any situation. The operating power at startup allows rapid air conditioning and heating. Thanks to the power variation to control the temperature, the level indoor noise is reduced by 5 dB. 

Panasonic inverter technology provides optimal intensity control and ensures extremely efficient operation by changing the frequency of the power supply. The result is a flexible and fast operation, and lower energy consumption. With a cumulative production of 200 million compressors, the high quality and reliability of the product are convincing. 

Lennox® MPB / MLA wall heat pumps are ideal for spaces such as solariums and extension rooms where it is not practical to install or extend ductwork. Each system uses a compact indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit by a simple small hole in the wall. A single outdoor unit is sufficient for up to five indoor comfort zones, creating a personalized heating and cooling solution throughout the home.

Panasonic products can be Energy Star® ask us which ones Would you like another brand? No problem we can have it. 

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